All work and no play…

This week is what can only be described as ‘busy.’

Monday was an after-school football tournament (very pleased with how my team did) followed by a couple of music lessons.
Tonight was a rehearsal at Lions.
On Thursday I’m teaching.
Friday night is a night off – spending some quality time with the other half.
Saturday, I have a pupil sitting a grade 4 exam, followed by hot-footing it to the Alex to watch the match.
Sunday, I’m at the Lions Youth Brass annual Slow Melody Contest and concert – this is always a fun and enjoyable event.

I’ve left out Wednesday. Well, tomorrow is a bit of a highlight. I’ve got two pupils performing in the ‘Spotlight Concert’ before the latest concert in the Sandbach Concert Series. The main act is a 10 piece brass group from Fodens Band. It will make a change to be at a concert as a listener, rather than a performer and, I have to say, I’, really looking forward to it.



I can’t claim to be the world’s most organised person. Professionally, I’m pretty organised. Personally… I’m a shambles.

However, for once I can feel proud in my organisation skills. It’s the 19th November, and I’m pretty much sorted in terms of Christmas presents. Well, I’ve bought the majority, I know what I’m getting the two people I’ve not yet bought.

That just leaves Amy then… hmm…

Maybe I’m not quite so organised!

Happiness is…

About 18 months ago I, through work, took part in a course entitled ‘The Art of Being Brilliant,’ let by a man named Andy Cope (Google him). He spoke about being a 2%er amongst other things, and that it was easier to be happy then be grumpy.

It was an enjoyable course. However, sometimes, things just transpire to make you happy. Take my last week. Half term yet, sadly, my other half Amy was only able to get one day off work. The first weekend we travelled, as mentioned in my last post, to Doncaster for the weekend. Amy’s day off was the last Friday. So we went to the zoo. An enjoyable day was spent at Chester, roaming around the animals, spotting Amy’s favourite (Red Panda) and mine (Penguins).

The Saturday saw us take a shopping trip to Liverpool. I convinced a red to part with some money in the might blue’s shop, we had a nice meal out in Pizza Express and added another Costa to our list of Costa’s ticked off (20-odd gone, just 2000+ to go) before spending the evening in front of the box; Doctor Who and X-Factor. Sunday was spent roaming around Amy’s hometown of Newport, garden centres, and then catching ‘The Croods’ before heading off to her parents for a nice Sunday roast, a lovely end to a truly fantastic weekend.

A weekend spent in the company of a loved one. To me, that’s happiness.