Music was my first love…

Well, to be honest, Raynor was my first love. I was five. It was Year 1. I thought I’d marry her, but, anyway…

A while ago I blogged about how inspiration is a funny thing. Well, at my child’s beginner band last week a child (6 years old and been playing for about 4 weeks) approached me and told me she could play ‘Hot Cross Buns… even one a penny, two a penny’ and, lo and behold, stood there and belted it out, without music.

Fast forward 7 days (last night) and the same child walks up and says ‘I can play Tromp of the Romans now as well.’ Cue the demonstration. And she was right. She could play it. Absolutely spot on.

One hour later, at the end of the rehearsal, I mused over what this girl had done. It got the cogs ticking. Every year we enter two competitions. One is a local thing, the other is a national event (last year we were awarded the prestigious ‘Band with Most Potential Prize). The national event takes plenty of planning and this year I’ve been wondering about a focus point for the programme of music. Well, thinking about what this child had done gave me the perfect idea. Twenty minutes later and the idea was fully formed.

Like I say, inspiration really is a funny thing. Walk around with your eyes open – you’d could be missing out on the perfect inspiration for you!

P.S. I actually got to marry Raynor Pearce. I was 7/8. It was our Primary School Christmas play!


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