It starts…

Tomorrow is the start of the football league season.

It’s a day I eagerly look forward to, it’s a day where everyone starts off equal and Crewe Alexandra, thanks to their alphabetical advantage, are near the top of the league!

That said, at times I find it bitter sweet. The start of the football season heralds the beginning of the end of the cricket season, a cricket season in which, this year, I’ve not made it to a game.

However, back to football. There is something about the beginning of the football season; the freshly cut, painted grass. The seemingly unrelenting sunshine (although weather for tomorrow is not supposed to be great). The new kits, new signings and new managers. The new season holds promise, nothing is tainted or spoilt, a league win, a glorious cup run culminating at Wembley – everything is possible.

The sad thing is, by 5pm tomorrow night, many people will already believe this promise is lying in ruins.

I just hope I’m not one of them!

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