…it’s a funny thing.

My summer challenges are, now, not going too badly. Prior to today I’d sorted my website out, it’s not online yet, and won’t be for a few more weeks yet. However, it’s all ready to go.

My writing challenge however, is not doing so well. I still can’t focus my ideas, in terms of what to write about. It’s driving me scatty!

However, this blog post is about the composition challenge I set myself. Last week I got my first piece completed. However, this weeks music writing was not going so well. I tackled an arrangement I’d been requested to do by the Lions Junior Band, but in terms of original composition, I didn’t have a clue. I’d written a few ideas down, but I felt everything was about as good as a Spice Girls song, i.e. pretty rubbish. Then today I had a thought; a collection of short 8 or 16 bar items aimed at total beginners. One hour later, three pieces in my ‘Let’s Play!’ collection are complete; ‘Starting Off,’ ‘Hymn,’ and ‘Rainy Day.’ With ideas already in my head for further items (‘Express Train’ to name one) the collection is coming together nicely.

Like I say, isn’t it funny how inspiration can strike?

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