Writing. Writing, writing, writing.

Let’s have another little look at the summer challenges.

1) The website will go live once I’ve returned from my holiday. So, that’s done.

2) The music writing has gone well. Although I haven’t written a piece each week, I’ve written in fits and starts meaning I’ve got several pieces done at a time. Therefore I’ve reached my required target of a piece a week. However, with two holidays over the next two weeks, I’ll need to get writing a little bit more to keep the ratio of pieces to weeks up.

3) The book writing has gone all to pot! After an initial start it’s been pretty rubbish. Writer’s block in an epic way. I still don’t know what I want to do. I’ve got a little idea in my head but am unsure how I can go about it. I think I just need to write my way out of it. Let’s see what happens as the day progresses.


It starts…

Tomorrow is the start of the football league season.

It’s a day I eagerly look forward to, it’s a day where everyone starts off equal and Crewe Alexandra, thanks to their alphabetical advantage, are near the top of the league!

That said, at times I find it bitter sweet. The start of the football season heralds the beginning of the end of the cricket season, a cricket season in which, this year, I’ve not made it to a game.

However, back to football. There is something about the beginning of the football season; the freshly cut, painted grass. The seemingly unrelenting sunshine (although weather for tomorrow is not supposed to be great). The new kits, new signings and new managers. The new season holds promise, nothing is tainted or spoilt, a league win, a glorious cup run culminating at Wembley – everything is possible.

The sad thing is, by 5pm tomorrow night, many people will already believe this promise is lying in ruins.

I just hope I’m not one of them!


…it’s a funny thing.

My summer challenges are, now, not going too badly. Prior to today I’d sorted my website out, it’s not online yet, and won’t be for a few more weeks yet. However, it’s all ready to go.

My writing challenge however, is not doing so well. I still can’t focus my ideas, in terms of what to write about. It’s driving me scatty!

However, this blog post is about the composition challenge I set myself. Last week I got my first piece completed. However, this weeks music writing was not going so well. I tackled an arrangement I’d been requested to do by the Lions Junior Band, but in terms of original composition, I didn’t have a clue. I’d written a few ideas down, but I felt everything was about as good as a Spice Girls song, i.e. pretty rubbish. Then today I had a thought; a collection of short 8 or 16 bar items aimed at total beginners. One hour later, three pieces in my ‘Let’s Play!’ collection are complete; ‘Starting Off,’ ‘Hymn,’ and ‘Rainy Day.’ With ideas already in my head for further items (‘Express Train’ to name one) the collection is coming together nicely.

Like I say, isn’t it funny how inspiration can strike?