Summer Challenges

Today has seen the ‘school’s out’ sign go up for me for the next five weeks or so. Therefore I’ve decided to set myself a few little challenges to keep me going and stop me ‘wasting’ my holidays. Progress will be reported on my blog as and when it happens (hopefully there will be frequent updates then!)

Challenge 1: Compose one new piece of music per week.
The best way to improve compositional skills are simply to keep writing. Therefore that’s what I shall be doing. One beginner ensemble level of music per week, with the aim of them being performed by my band, as well as be put up for sale on my website (see more of this on challenge 2).

Challenge 2: Create a website to enable me to sell music.Using or similar, I will be creating a website for Chris Thompson Music, my own self-publishing company. I’ll be looking into designing a simple logo as well. I’ve designed a few sites in my time, so using a template I’m sure this shouldn’t take too long.

Challenge 3: Write a book.I have long wished to write a book. Therefore, I am challenging myself to do exactly that over the summer hols. As of yet, the only real idea I have is that it will be about cricket however, as to whether it will be a story book aimed at children, or a more itinerant look at the game for adults, I’m unsure. I’ll spend the rest of this week planning a few ideas before trying to crack on with it in the near future.

And that’s it!


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