Wordless Wednesday? It’s been wordless for a while…


Apologies for the lack of blogging recently. The photo above is a reasonable summary of why this is so. A university deadline is a culprit, as is the impending house move. Put simply, any time not in work is currently spent either typing or packing.

It’s not the most exciting mix.

However, next week is D-Day in many ways, take a look at this;

Monday – uni assignment due
Tuesday – standard day; work and band
Wednesday – car in garage and university
Thursday – school sports tournament
Friday – house move

Currently it looks a bit tasty…



Little Lawley plan

I’ve drawn out the plan for Little Lawley. It’s not exactly the world’s most exciting, but it is pretty much what the real Lawley Village has as well. I have said previously that I want Little Lawley to capture the essence of the real Lawley. I feel this plan does that, however what if I tweaked it slightly, like so:

Little Lawley plan altered

This gives me an Inglenook and, with the addition of just one point, plenty more operating potential. I’m a little torn personally. I feel that the real essence of Lawley is more lacking with the extra siding, but the compromise of adding it is far more operational interest and a place to put wagons… which I enjoy tinkering with.

Currently I’m leaning towards the second plan.


Getting dirty…


This arrived today. I’m a huge fan of the work of George Dent but this is the first book of his I’ve owned. So far I’ve managed a (very) very quick skim and am unsure when I’ll get chance to have a proper read due to work, university and house move pressure. Yet on that quick skim I’ve already seen plenty to whet the appetite.

The only issue is the cover makes me yearn for a Sentinel Y1!

Getting mouthy…

… tunnel mouthy, that is.

Today I’ve had a look at the tunnel mouth for Little Lawley. I’d previously primed it and today set about making it look a bit better. I started off with a dark grey wash which I covered the whole mouth with before dabbing it with a paper towel to remove paint from the raised areas. This was left to dry before attacking it with various mixes of whites, greys and browns which were all dry-brushed on. Dry-brushing is my favourite technique as I love how it picks up little highlights, which was particularly good on a structure with such rough surfaces like this tunnel mouth.

Generally I’m quite pleased with it although I think I’ll have another look at the smoke marks going up from the tunnel mouth as I’m not overly happy with them.

Not LACKing i(k)deas…


When we’ve moved (in around a month, hopefully) the picture above will be my office/railway room. It’s about 6 feet across (the window) and 8 feet deep (towards the camera. I’ve got an idea of how things will fit in my head, with my work desk in the top right of the room as you look at the photo.

There is a reason for me posting about the inside of our new home. The box that has been bought for trains/wrapping paper is likely to stay as a wrapping paper box. I’m not going to argue with the domestic authority as she’s given me free reign on the room above. So, having been impressed whilst watching the micro layout on a Lack shelf, Fairport, I think this is the way to go. It can be placed above the desk, screwed onto the wall and removed when it’s play time. Perfect.

The really good bit of this idea is this; I can get a Lack shelf measuring 110 cm (nearly 4 feet). This means Little Lawley will get bigger (although it will still be little) and should be able to accommodate the Peckett and a Mk1 in the station.

Every silver lining, however, has a cloud. Due to the impending house move I won’t be getting the shelf any time soon. Therefore, any work that is to be done will revolve around tinkering with stock or small kits. There will be none of the layout building process yet. That’s ok though, because I’m still fiddling with my Ratio 5 plank wagon when time allows!



Firstly, I do hope you all enjoyed the Festive season and didn’t overindulge too much, with Santa bringing lots of railway shaped goodies!

Michael Portillo’s Great British Railway Journeys are a very guilty pleasure of mine. Therefore it I felt it only right that Little Lawley gets visited by the MP-turned TV presenter.

I was put in touch with Mike Pett’s Supercast range of figures and after a quick turnaround they were ordered on the 21st and arrived on the 23rd. Excellent service.

They come in three colour combos – the two I ordered can be seen above – so I ordered two and decided to tweak them to fit in with my own preferences. After an enjoyable 30 minutes or so I ended up with the figures below.


A simple project, but enjoyable and a nice little cameo for Little Lawley.