Let it snow…

Absolutely wonderful winter scenes in Shropshire yesterday. Here are a few photos from our lovely afternoon stroll.


All dressed up with no Peckett to go…

These popped through my door today, the lower envelope being a custom nameplate that Narrow Planet have made for me.

With my current inactive and off-work state due to this ‘charming’ (sarcasm level; high) ear infection I decided a tiny spot of modelling would be in order. A bold of black paint, left to dry and then scraped with card left me the following;

I’m – as always – very pleased with them. They’ve come up a treat. All that’s needed now is the Hornby Peckett!

Why, why, why…?

Well, why not?

My last post spoke about it being the most wonderful time of the year. Little did I know two days later I’d be diagnosed with an ear infection having been knocked off my feet. I’ve been off work all week as, not only is the pain in my ear quite debilitating, my balance is all askew, with just four steps being enough to send me wobbly.

Therefore, I’ve had a lot of thinking time and its led me to the following thought; buying a Hornby Thomas for Little Lawley. Why, why, why?

Well I’ve never owned one, having loved Thomas as a child and had always wanted one. I figure that I justify it – not that I need to – as a Thomas Day on a heritage line.

Furthermore, as I’m still debating DCC I’ve also found an article on the Hornby site that gives a walkthrough of how to convert one to DCC as well.

All in all, I’m scratching an itch that has been a good thirty years in the making!


On Little Lawley I’m toying with going DCC. I’ve never felt the need to do so on previous layouts but I want to push myself and learn something new in the hobby. Ive never chopped a loco and I’ve never actually had a go at DCC running so it seems to make sense. 

The main issue with DC is that my wiring around points has never been great. Stalling on points and generally iffy running annoys me – normally leading to scrapping a layout – so I feel that this can negate that. 

However, ultimately is it worth it? DCC isn’t cheap but if it means I don’t scrap what I’ve done, is it money well spent?

Thoughts, as always, welcome.